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 Thank you for your precious time my friend, I promise you one thing here,the time you will give here will totally be worth for you,no fake and useless information will be provided, whatever I’ve learnt for myself and what helped me in earning money for myself, I will tell only those methods to you and that is free of cost,you might think why am I doing this,my answer is straight and simple, for helping people like you, who waste their time on wrong websites and get nothing in return. And One More thing,

There is a sweet surprise gift for you at the end of this blog, so don’t forget to get that

I was  like you once , I wasted a lot of my time in the search for meaningful information but what I always get is ,very little after wasting a lot of time so I am summing up that little for you all, it’s not impossible for me to write this in form of  long book, using long and heavy words, but I don’t want to waste time, neither yours nor mine, so I made everything as simple as I could. All of us need money, for our dreams, for our needs, and for our studies, we all spent a lot of time online, ever thought of making that time productive and making money online, I bet most of you didn’t,so I just want to tell you one thing, if want to do something for yourself that others find hard to, you can start from here, read this blog carefully from here only if you are serious about your dreams!!

First of all, I would like to thank you for the visit. Before I start let’s start with the basics. i.e, What are the basic things you need to start online income?

At the end the of this blog you will be far ahead from most of the startup entrepreneurs, I will share my valuable information which I have gained from Udemy courses, researching online and selling my own digital products and I firmly believe it will be useful to you.

I have sold thousands of T-shirts online, I want to teach you the exact market psychology behind online marketing and why most people fail at the beginning. I want to share my experiences with you that made me earn money for myself and I believe if I did, you can also do it for yourself too ,I cannot turn you into a millionaire overnight but one thing for sure, I can make you upgrade your thinking where you underestimate yourself at many things.

In this blog ,I will tell you 4 amazing online businesses you can start right now to start your passive income!!

These 4 businesses are –

  1. T-shirt selling Business with exact market Psychology.


  1. Selling Clickbank products.


  1. The Art of Copywriting(Content writing).


  1. Setting up landing Page with almost free hosting and domain.


1. T-shirt selling business with exact market psychology.

Yes, you can ask me, WHY T-shirt selling business? Let me tell you,  It’s  business that will never collapse,

And Reason behind this is, Sellers are triggering people’s emotion in the form of a T-shirt and your audience already knew,  if they don’t buy from you then they won’t be able to get that same T-shirt from anywhere else , it’s exclusive and so it became now or never type of situation for them . You just need to make them believe that, its their last chance to grab it or it will be gone forever. 

In this blog,  There is complete information about selling On demand T-shirt , selling psychology , setup and everything , I assure you, this will benefit you, whether you are beginner, amateur or an expert in this business. 

So let’s start from the beginning .

You can make your own design on T-shirts and sell them online with zero investment and get the revenue from it , There are 100’s of websites providing this service named as Print On Demand!!

  1. Websites like – Teespring, Red Bubble ,Zazzle , Spreadshirt , Society 6 , etc .

So how it works –

  • You can have your own design on a T-shirt , and then select your selling price and the difference between the selling price and base price will be your profit.

For e.g. , If you design a T-shirt for those who are in love with Game of thrones, Then, Its base price would be approx 10$ , you sold them for 25$ each , So just by selling 100 of them you made 1500$ .

So the biggest question lies here ,  if It is that simple why everyone is not earning from it??       


The three major reasons behind every failing campaigns are 


 1. Too much love with their Design.

People came in this market without knowledge and just fell in love with their design. Don’t get obsessed with your design, always think if you were at the place of your audience , what you’d want in your product.

As for example , when I was running my first campaign , I made a design for lovers , where a girl was holding a rose and targeted only couples via facebook ads , and it failed drastically , but I didn’t gave up on that , I thought I made best design that’s why it failed , I kept on running ads and ultimately ended up losing hundreds of dollars .

So from this I learned , I need to find what people want?, not what I want?.


 2  Unable to find Passionate niche

 Finding passionate niche is hard work only , there are only two ways to find either run many ad campaigns possible for all the niches like engineers, doctors, lawyers etc. Or think of being at their place , and think what motivates me, I mean what lights up the fire inside of me!!

My best campaign was , when I was targeting female doctors. I made a design of plain black T-shirt, written on it , “Cute enough to start your heart and skilled enough to restart it.”

Now you need to notice I am targeting their emotion and not the design .

You need to touch their emotions , as you know every girl is obsessed with her beauty as well as they love when someone find out they are doctor as well. So you need to find a passionate niche ,rather than targeting mass audience,that will boost up your sales like you’ve never had thought of!!

So whenever any female doctor wears that T-shirt ,people will notice that she is a doctor and she will like that for sure,one more thing, usually doctors don’t mind spending few dollars on a T-shirt which they can’t find elsewhere. So in those few seconds you have to target their emotions.


 3  Not able to reach right audience.            

So the last and most important thing is reaching your audience , for example, If you never watched game of thrones, and someone’s selling a T-shirt,written on it, ”Winter is coming.”then, you will scroll down normally for sure. Because you don;t know the meaning of that quote , that quote doesen’t define anything nor giving any personal importance in your life.

 So before targeting do a proper research if that person is interested or not in a particular design or product.If you want to sell game of thrones T-shirt , before running facebook or instagram ads always look for audience insight , I will explain about facebook and instagram ads briefly in free ebook at the end of this page.

SO in audience insight look for places where people are passionate about game of thrones. for example, In Texas very few people watch game of thrones and in California alone people are crazy about game of thrones , So,rather than wasting money on audience of texas you should target California,also Remember to target audience aged between 18 to 35 , as you know older people’s emotions don’t just get triggered by a TV series. instead of this ,they would most probably be more interested in earning money !! 

Bonus Tip -

Always use contrast colors in designing T-shirts and use simple fonts .Because People use social media for messaging , and contacting ,They don’t know you and you have always 5 seconds window to trigger their emotion!! So complicated designs are always good at window shopping but not for online shopping,mind it.

 So always remember,in those five seconds time,your audience  should be able to read , understand and get triggered by your text emotionally in order to get good sales. The Psychology that I explained you above is the main factor behind the sales,and I bet you,if you will work whole-heartily on this using your mind and giving some time,this will give you serious profits along with experience and skills in business and that too in a short time-period!!!!

2. Selling Clickbank products.

  • There is a website called Clickbank where you can sell someone else’s digital product and earn commission from that , as high as THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS per sale!!
  • Now the point is where to start or what to sell.                
  • So for choosing product with huge market potential you can check directly in their website in their list of top selling product.
  • But for selling a product you can’t just share your referral link and get profit , you need to invest your time, and hard work .
  • But as you are here my friend I want to share with you the strategy of selling commission based digital products online with some simple steps :-


  1. First you need to make a landing page of that digital product you are selling and a review section, on your own website.For more info how to get best landing page free of cost you can check my ebook below .
  2. Make a website with must have contents like – Image of the product , Information about the product , your review in the form of points or video (Preferable) , and a section of testimonials , and make sure to add two click to action button for your referral product.
  3. After doing all these things , just run a successful facebook or instagram ad campaign for your website.
  4. And there is another good way, you can use quora for your marketing , Content marketing is always a good option for selling digital products but make sure to give customer value. There is a formula for selling used by successful entrepreneurs like Garry vee , Tai Lopez etc and that is –

                          (Value + Value+ Value + Pitch )    

That means give your audience value, in the form of ebook , blog post or anything but make sure before selling you need to gain trust of your audience by giving them at least 3 quality content information and then sell. From this they will get to know you better and you get better sales. Trust is most important thing in the field of selling,REMEMBER. 

For most of the people who want an alternative way and are interested in marketing of other people’s work,i.e,you admire somebody’s work and you also know what people like that style or genre who will buy that thing without any second thought,you should do this,this way,you can learn as well as earn!!!!


3. The Art of Copywriting (Content writing).


So let’s start from beginning , what you think copyriting is all about , or do you think copywriting is important or not ???Let’s give you an example , Usually when you enter a shopping complex or a grocery store you will see an image where a boy screaming for chocolate , written on that I need that . But do you know what that statement actually says?? It says I want that , So before writing anything for selling remember that people don’t buy things that they need they always buy things, they want.

 So always try to target their wants not their needs .

 For example , You need 6 books for your college and you only have 5 of them and your friend has one .

 And there is a newly launched game you have been waiting for months so would you rather buy that game or go for that book ? For sure you would buy that game and you will borrow book from friend to study . So tell me Did you fell for your need or your want ??

 So market is full of wants . People don’t care about needs.

 Now next thing my friend,how to write properly I mean how to write that sells.

 So for this, Most people , I Didn’t say few , I mean most people switch to formal English while selling anything that is not the right way to sell , You need to use conversational English while writing , for example – “This chocolate is best!!”

 Or “Hey listen my friend ,do you know this chocolate is the best in whole of USA!! ”

 For selling anything you have to write like your customer is in front of you and you are having conversation with him one on one . This is the biggest secret formula of copywriting in the entire business.

 Generally people do not understand how important copywriting is,infact it is the best way to describe a product,the success of your product depends mostly on the fact that how you described it,one wrong impression can ruin everything,so before selling a product,you should know the basic rules of copywriting,it is one of the most important factors of marketing,better the description of your product,more people will be attracted and hence,greater will be the sales!!!!

4. Setting up landing Page with almost free hosting and domain.

For selling anything online, you need a landing page that attracts audience and converts easily.

The main moto of the landing page is conversion, You need to make a proper layout with some definite setup to psychologically attract audience to buy , for example using converting colors like red or blue for click to action button,there is a psychology that plays its role here.             

Things you must have in highly converting landing page:-

 1. Attractive and simple heading of the product,this is the most important thing.

2. Use Elementor or cornerstone for developing landing page in wordpress for cool effects with just drag and drop option.

 3. For sliders you can use slider revolution plugin in wordpress.

 4. Features in the bulletin points with images,as you know now-a-days people are in a hurry,so quick info with image is best for hooking up  the audience.

5. Atleast two click to action button with colors like blue or red only.

 6. One CTA button in begining and one CTA at the end of the page to get higher chance of clicking or buying your product.

 7. Don’t forget to build email list , because building email list will let you know your audience later and for building up relationship and gain trust to convert them into long term selling customers,also you get to know their likes and dislikes,their wants,requirements.

 8. You can develop your future products according to these responses and reviews.


Now , you must be thinking how to build website and how to get hosting, or even from where to start?

Or do you even need coder to do all this?
So my answer is no?

Now I am sharing exact methods so that you can make your website running in almost no time and no investment                                                  

Trick list –

  • Buy a domain from godaddy for less than a dollar with coupon code you can easily find by googling it .
  • Don’t buy hosting plan, instead of this you can use trial hosting from websites like lithium hosting , 000webhost etc
  • Now for making website , you can install wordpress and use themes like Sydney to re edit your website in minutes.
  • You don’t need coding to do all these, Install Plugin named “Elementor” and you are good to go ,just drag and drop , and volla you are done .
  • And for building up email list you don’t need php , just use wordpress plugin named as “form builder7” or “beaver form builder”.

Your Free Gift , As i Promised -


I hope the information and tricks I shared with you above will help you earning money for yourself,I tried to tell you everything as short as possible,now this entirely depends on your willpower, how will you react to your dreams,will you just think or act!!!!

 To help you more,I am mentioning here the link, where I have an ebook for you,one more thing,it’s free of cost,we need nothing,just your email id and your reviews and opinions for us, so we could make ourselves better to provide you better, I am assured,  you will download that free ebook for yourself  which has some more techniques of online marketing, thanks for your precious time my dear Friend and always keep this in your mind,it is only you who can make a change to yourself,nobody’s gonna come for that….

  My Ebook covers – 

  1. Running facebook ads for laser targeted audience

  2. Getting free ssl for your website

  3. Creating E-commerce Website with zero budget.

  4. Affiliate Business through content Marketing